Despite best efforts, disputes can arise between parties to a contract. It happens between landlords and tenants, business partners, employers and employees, and even friends. When faced with a dispute, do not go it alone. Even the simplest of acts or passing comments can have a negative effect on the outcome of the dispute. It helps to have a focused and skilled attorney advocating for your position when seeking prompt and effective resolution of any conflict. We are skilled at negotiating a range of pre- and post-litigation settlements. 

Kim has resolved a wide variety of civil disputes, including breach of contract lawsuits, unlawful detainer actions, construction defect claims and other general civil matters. Even where litigation becomes necessary, Kim has a track record of settling more than half of her cases prior to trial and a successful record in cases which are fully litigated to a verdict.

Ending a landlord-tenant relationship may become necessary for a host of reasons and navigating the eviction process requires the knowledge of an experienced landlord-tenant attorney. The policies, procedures, and other requirements necessary to ensure a timely and effective eviction are constantly changing. We are tuned in to and focused on current eviction laws in effect throughout California and can advise our clients on the most effective strategy for their circumstance.

Do not get lost in the maze of procedural requirements of the eviction process. We will assess your specific circumstances and the options available to you, and we will work with you to achieve the best possible outcome.

If you are an attorney in need of an extra hand, we are here to help. Kim has years of experience as an appearance attorney for unlawful detainer matters, working with landlords, tenants, and opposing counsel to settle many of those cases, and she is skilled at drafting effective pleadings under tight deadlines.

  • Obtained judgments after trial ranging from $20,000 to $400,000 in various breach of contract matters. 
  • Obtained judgment for landlord in unlawful detainer trial involving elder abuse, helping a family recover the home left to them by their parent.
  • Worked with multiple parties to resolve a multi-million-dollar construction defect matter through mediation.
  • Resolved multiple employment law matters representing both employees and employers, including obtaining a $15,000 settlement for an employee in a wage & hour dispute for unpaid overtime and meal breaks without need for formal litigation.
  • Instrumental in resolving hundreds of unlawful detainer matters throughout Southern California, restoring possession of rental properties to landlords or creating “pay and stay” agreements to revive landlord-tenant relationships that had gotten off track

Podcast interview with Kim Cameron regarding the current procedures of unlawful detainer/evictions in Los Angeles.

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