It should be no surprise that construction projects require a great deal of skill and planning to be properly executed. To avoid pitfalls in the construction process, clients turn to contractors and other professionals to assist in bringing their projects to life. It may be surprising to learn that construction projects often also require the involvement of an attorney with the experience to understand and navigate the complexities of the construction field. 

We advise contractors, property owners and other stakeholders in negotiation and preparation of construction contracts, including home improvement contracts subject to Business and Professions Code § 7159, prime and subcontractor agreements, as well as mechanic’s liens and releases. Kim and Cameron represent contractors and developers in various construction trades. Cameron holds a Class B License, General Contractor, with the California Contractor’s State License Board (CSLB) and maintains involvement in the construction industry through projects of his own.

  • Prepare and review home-improvement construction contract templates to comply with Business and Professions Code § 7159.
  • Assisted in resolving complex mechanics lien claims. 
  • Handled dispute with home improvement contractor performing substandard work causing further damage to the client’s home. 
  • Assisted clients with matters before California Contractors State License Board (CSLB) concerning license applications, changes to Qualifying Individuals, and other related licensure matters. 

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